• HypoAllergenic

    Our hair is PVC FREE and is made from materials that have been tested and verified as safe for use on human scalp. 


    Our hair comes pre-feathered and ready to use. This pre-worked process saves you time, and results in less hair wastage and more natural-looking tapered braid ends!


    New Village Braid hair has been lab tested for anti-bacterial properties that inhibit bacterial growth. This helps to minimize scalp infections, irritations, itching, and unpleasant mustiness.


    No ACV rinse needed here! Our hair is NOT coated with alkaline lye, which is known to cause skin irritations and itchiness. So you can leave out the apple cider vinegar treatment.

    Quick Dry

    Our hair is made to easily wick moisture from the scalp, helping to limit fungal growth and the odors that may come with it. Even still, be sure to allow your braids lots of time to dry after washing!

    Flame Retardant

    Our hair has been lab tested for its self-extinguishing properties. Safer for you and your children!

    Hot Water Set

    Our eco-braiding pre-stretched hair is perfect for styles requiring sealed finishing with hot water.