New Village Braid + Smithsonian Institute

The Smithsonian + HBO Max + New Village Braid have what in common?

(Originally published June 1, 2022)
In honor of The Smithsonian's 175th anniversary, we made history alongside names like The Smithsonian, HBOMax, Grace Yeboah Ofori, and Marni Senofonte (celebrity Stylist for @beyonce @gigihadid @kendalljenner & Judge/Co-Signer of HBO Max’s @thehypeonmax) at the Into the FUTURE of Fashion runway show which journeyed guests into the future of fashion, hair, beauty and what fashion might look like as we fast forward ahead in time. This event brought together some of the most innovative emerging and major designers from around the world whose looks incorporate time-forward styles created with our New Village braid eco-braiding hair. Hosted in the Art and Industries Building of The Smithsonian, the event showcased sustainable and inclusive design elements from garments, to accessories, and our very own eco-braiding hair styled in futuristic forms that tied nostalgically to historical views from our past. For all the fashion heads, designers included Phenotypesetter, Vincent Li, YASUYUKI ISHII, Grace Yeboah Ofori, Natalie Abrams, Frank Huynh and Joey Jett. Be sure to look out for what's next from them!
Wish you were there? We do too! If you missed it, don't worry. As usual, we have your back with some looks from that evening. Check out our recent posts on Instagram and Facebook, follow us @newvillagebraid and on all platforms to stay looped in!
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