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Hair's to Beautiful Beginnings šŸŒŗ

(Originally published January 26, 2022)
We're a month into the new year and that's something to celebrate! šŸŽŠ If you're reading this, you are already a part of our Village and we really appreciate every level of support you have given us so far! We've seen a beautiful start for New Village Braid since we launched our PVC-free Eco-braiding hair. šŸŒ± From our hypoallergenic braiding hair, to our hair recycling services, if you believe in better beauty that positively considers the health of your scalp and the wellness of our natural eco-system, we are with you all the way!
As we continue to grow we'd love that you not only stick with us, but talk about us to your friends, family, braid shops, and beauty supply stores. šŸ’– Your patronage means more than just sales of our product, it's also a social investment you make into all the things we are working on to truly be better. Our initiatives are centered around offering healthier products, providing consumer education, and becoming better custodians of our planet. We are working on quite a few things and can't wait to share them with you as we progress!
Beauty, Love, & Blessings to you in the new year šŸŒŗ
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