Eco-braiding Hair, blonde and black

Hair Extensions + ReCycling ♻️

(Originally published April 20, 2022)
As a nod to Earth Day, April 22, we dedicate this post to you, our Village.
New Village Braid started as a salon concept and evolved into the Eco- braiding hair that we are known for today. But we didn't stop there. We continue to work on improving our product offering, striving towards better options while staying focused on the New Village Braid mission to enable an elevated braiding experience while facilitating conscious consumer behavior.
From installation to wear to disposal of your hair extensions, we want your hair braiding experience to be a holistic one that encourages healthy hair, self love, and personal consciousness of how our consumption decisions impact our ecosystem. This is why we not only provide a healthy hair braiding alternative to the toxic options currently on the market, but we also give you a way to responsibly dispose of your used braiding hair extensions. Instead of trashing your synthetic hair extensions, Recycle Your Hair with us when you are finished with it!♻️ This helps offset the prevalence of synthetic hair by diverting the hair waste from landfills, and instead introducing it to the circular economy for re-use as raw materials in new consumer products like clothing and other textiles.
You have an important part to play for the sustainability of our environment 🌱
To learn more about how you can Recycle Your Hair with us, check out the instructions on our website. And if you know of any beauty salons or supply stores in your area that you would like to see become a hair recycling collection site with us, by all means link us up! For more questions about hair recycling, e-mail us at
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